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justiceforjayden252@gmail.com | www.justiceforjayden.com

Jayden Harrison, 22 years old, worked a double shift at his job on Monday, July 3, 2023 and then went to Planet Fitness to work out. He had just started a personal journey and was meal prepping, journaling, writing out his goals and action steps, and exercising. This was his third, maybe fourth time, visiting Planet Fitness.

Jayden was found at 1am outside of Planet Fitness. He had been shot in the parking lot.

Please help us. Jayden's family, friends, and loved ones are pleading for answers as to why Jayden was murdered.

If you have any information or were in the area of Planet Fitness (Greenville NC) during this time, please speak up and reach out.

Our contact is justiceforjayden252@gmail.com or anonymously at 252-758-7777.

We found this in Jayden’s phone—this is his hand holding the sticky note.

He had so many things such as this or old baby pictures of people he would just randomly send them.

This saying is Jayden. He’s that kind of guy. An all around, genuine, kind hearted, silly, one of a kind person. Jayden intentionally left others better than he found them.

Jayden had a good friend from school who was let go from her job during this week, the same day he left her flowers on her doorstep. Two weeks prior, he immediately left work to comfort a close friend who was contemplating harming himself. These are just a few examples of Jayden's thoughtful nature -- he always put others before himself.

Whoever murdered Jayden—shot him—did not know or either didn’t care that he was Jayden. Our Valentine’s baby.

We want to know why someone would murder Jayden.

If you heard something or saw something the night of July 3/July 4 in the Planet Fitness area of Greenville, please speak up. You can call Greenville PD anonymously. There’s also an anonymous submission form on this website, justiceforjayden.com

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Jayden is love, light, laughter, and hugs

Jayden is goofy, quirky, and adventurous

Jayden is chocolate milk, baby lotion, polos, and undershirts

Jayden is loyalty, integrity, and compassion

Jayden is brave and self-reliant

Jayden is courage, kindness, and empathy

Jayden is Star Wars, video games, Legos, and memes

Jayden is an open mind and an open heart

Jayden is wise and resilient

Jayden is a breathy chuckle prelude before a hearty laugh

Jayden is deep thoughts and purposeful words

Jayden is cats, trivia, and debates

Jayden is planning, reflection, and hard-working

Jayden is forgiving and thoughtful

Jayden is an old soul and a pure spirit

Jayden is love

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Do you recognize this person?

The individual pictured was in the general area.

Detectives would like to identify him as he may

have information relative to the case.

You can call Detective Peterson at 252-329-3404.

You can submit an anonymous form on this website below.

Please help us find out what happened to Jayden and

why someone would shoot him.

With so much love,

Jayden Harrison's family


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Jayden's cats - Midas & Mary Jane (MJ)